Annular Cutter AutoDrill 5000

Posted by Autodrill on Jul. 01, 2009

AutoDrills first test with a 5000 series unit and an annular cutter. We regularly run these cutters on our smaller 2000 series units (even with multiple spindle heads) but this is our first official test on the larger 5000 series unit. DETAILS- The stand is inadequate. The HP is too low. Everything still worked out fine. We simply did not have the proper stand and/or power available to run larger than the 3/4 HP motor for this test. However, we felt this video was worth sharing. The unit features a positive plug ejection system and thru-the-spindle coolant set up. When the unit retracts, it uses the drills reverse stroke thrust to force the plug out. We never had to test it as the spring was adequate during the many holes we drilled. It is a bit of insurance for operations where plug ejection is critical.

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