Annoying Orange- The Amnesiac Orange

Posted by ykost77 on Jan. 09, 2011

Orange gets hit in the head and forgets who he is! RETWEET- http-// TSHIRTS- http-// TWITTER- http-// FACEBOOK- http-// FACEBOOK APP- http-// DAILYBOOTH- http-// WATCH MY EPISODES! http-// STARRING- BOBJENZ as CANTALOUPE- http-// LISA SCHWARTZ as BALLOON- http-// AARON MASSEY as APPLE http-// CREATED BY-  DANEBOE- http-//

Categories People & Lifestyle

Tags balloon, animation, pepper, salt, annoying, forget, talking, mishap, apple, marshmallow, orange, pear, sneeze, amnesia, allergies, cantaloupe, gagfilms, glitter, daneboe

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