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Posted by MrMahjong on Nov. 24, 2009

Get a FREE deck of cards and also get paid, great if you are unemployed. Just help us promote VFZubiris Mahjong! Complete Deck of Cards. You can do a simple video with your friends and family, or email your friends and family or mention in links, websites, forums and other places.Check out our website. We are also taking preorders, so if you are interested, order now. There is no release date, because we will process as soon as we get the minimum number for the printer. We are printing in Chicago, and mailing fast, so once you order, make sure that you encourage your friends and family know, so they can order as well, and the goal is met sooner. If you have played mahjong, you will notice that we have included all the cards needed to play the different versions of the game. We have also added special cards to spice up the game some more, and allow more than four players to play at the same time.If you have not yet played mahjong, you will soon discover that this is quite addictive, and that it is a g

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