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Posted by MadSportz on Jul. 15, 2009

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Hobby Social Net presents a fun video compilation of instances where animals have mistaken humans as their own kind and attempted to mate with them. Dont worry, this is the funny and unintentional kind of animal sexsex video, not the typically gross, x-rated, almost-certainly-illegal kind of animal sex between humans and various other species. In fact, you could easily call this video funny animal loving and it would achieve exactly the same effect. Frankly, the funniest part of the whole animal humping tape happens between two dogs, and the one gets a case of the pukes during his hot session which ends everything prematurely. It gets me every time.Sometimes animal sex is just between two loving animals in a committed relationship. Sometimes it's between an animal and a human. In the case of this video, it seems the animals mistake unwilling humans mates. This is not disturbing animal humping but rather a pretty funny video of mistaken identity.

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