Angry customer throws hot coffee over the employed

Posted by Dantexfiles2 on May. 13, 2012

The U.S. authorities of the state of California are looking for a man who threw a cup of scalding coffee onto a worker at a coffee shop, this Thursday. The attacker, identified as David Timbers, became enraged when the clerk told him he had not paid a bill for $ 1.85 Images from a surveillance camera picked up on site at the customer discussion with the employee and the time that this throws hot coffee onto the woman, named Sok Caea. The 27 year old Cambodian girl has suffered burns following the incident, reported local station WABC-TV, quoted by the Huffington Post. The images show the man arguing with his wife, insisting that had already paid the bill, concerning a sandwich, while it denies payment. Enraged, the man gestures and curses from other customers and when they get a cup of coffee, throw it to the woman. Police released the video on the Internet so that more people can send more data than suspect.

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