AngleBuster because Angles Suck (Published by Permission) 1-866-580-2787 AngleBuster allows measuring an angle, holding the angle and copying the angle with one tool with a built in reference holding point so you get precise identical copies every time. AngleBuster has been used in tile, ceramic, slate, carpet, Sheetrock, framing, anywhere where angles are measured and cut. In this time of housing starts slowing down, funding lower, people need an edge, an edge to bid lower, an edge to do it yourself, we have edges. We provide tools to give that edge. Let us show you how. Go to the sites, watch the videos, request the tools You would like to review. Alternatively, we can send our recommended tools, the AngleBuster, BoarBlades, EBBE Drains, the SmartHood and the UltraSpreader. What would we need to do to get you some tools to get reviewed/interviewed ? David Black 866-580-2787 ext. 104 435-616-5480 AngleBuster, Because Angles Suck - Original Tool, Original Innovative Tools - The Perfect Ma