Angelina Jolie Kissing Female Costar

One of my favorite steamy love scenes with Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Mitchell, and it features tons of heavy petting and sexy, soft kissing. Before she became a mega-super-duper huge movie star, Angelina seems to have best been known for two things: 1) being Jon Voights daughter and 2) throwing her clothes off in approximately 80 percent of the movies that she was cast in. Jolie is her middle name, by the way. Boys who hit adolescence in the mid- to late nineties will probably remember clandestinely renting the mostly forgettable airline traffic controller (yeah, you heard me) movie Pushing Tin, starring Billy Bob Thornton and John Cusack, specifically because you get to see Angelina take her shirt off and show of her nice boobies to Mr. Thornton. In fact, this movie probably sparked their torrid and super weird love affair. Angelina Jolie was then briefly famous specifically because she wore a vial of Billy Bobs blood around her neck. Shes like the hipster vampire: oh, vampires are way too mainstream