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IRIS JOHANSEN Narrated by Angela Brazil A reissue of one of her classic romancesâ??first time on audio! DESCRIPTION Donâ??t look for me. Iâ??ll come back when Iâ??m ready. Pandora Madchen wrote those words when she ran off six years ago. In that time sheâ??d become a sensation with the rock group Nemesis, toured the world, and grown up, but she never forgot the promise she made herself. Now Pandora was ready to return to the desert state of Sedikhan and the man sheâ??d loved too soon and too much. Sheik Philip El Kabbar was a businessman whose power and influence extended throughout the worldâ??but for six long years heâ??d been unable to find the woman he still considered it his duty to protect. Sheâ??d come back on her own terms and to take the kind of erotic gamble that Philip always won. Only this time he wasnâ??t sure that in winning they wouldnâ??t both lose what matters most. Or that in loving her, he wouldnâ??t be hurting them both. UNABRIDGED on 5 CDs $19.95 or Digital ...

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