An Inconvenient Debt

Posted by atcmedia on Mar. 15, 2009

Thanks to the "bailouts", as well as "stimulus" and "recovery" bills and packages passed since October 2008 under both former president George W. Bush and current president Barack Hussein Obama, the dollar has been devalued more than any other currency ever before. Nevertheless, Obama (like Bush before him) wants to keep on pouring money into big companies that have made the wrong decisions and are therefore on the verge of bankruptcy. Interestingly, when the first such stimulus package – a 700 billion dollar bill referred to as the "bailout" – was being passed, the American government promised that it would be the first and the last such big bailout. Even more interesting was the fact that leaders all over the West claimed that laissez faire (the idea of true economic freedom, where government does not meddle in the economy) had failed, even though there has not been anything close to laissez faire for decades since the 1980s in any Western country. In other words, most Western leaders have used this as

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