An Impossible Evolutionary Senario

Posted by Scripture on Sep. 04, 2009

The Gouldian finch sports bright, parrot like colors. A single bird may carry feathers in up to six brilliant colors, including sky blue, dark blue, yellow, green, purple and black. The finchs face may be red, orange or black. Found mostly in the grasslands of northern Australia, the finches usually build their nests of loosely woven dried grass. These nests are usually built in a tree hollow, a termite mound or in the grass itself. Consequently, finches often find themselves having to feed their young in low-light conditions. Knowing the behavior He built into these birds, God has provided a solution for this problem. You might put a nightlight in the babys room so you can find her mouth at night. God has done about the same for the Gouldian finch. Their young have two pairs of iridescent nodules marking the margin of their beaks. These nodules dont generate light. Instead, they are highly efficient reflectors that glow purplish blue in all but total darkness. Lest anyone question whether these nodules we

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