"An Admirable Man" by David Hart

read by Jenny Inquisitive women wonder where his secret lies. An intriguing man with an evocative mind. It's the strength of his charms The span of his mind A rumbling tenor of his laugh The flash of his eyes He's a well experienced man An admirable man He enters a room as casual as he pleases And the yearning eyes of the women follow him Some fall to their knees It's the fire of his thought The flash of his wit The song in his heart The ecstasy of his kiss He's a man. An extraordinary gent, A mesmerizing tantalizing man Women endlessly wonder at his enigmatic smile They can't touch his mystic style He's a magnificent man, An admirable man To the ladies he's always giving them hints. But they are left exasperated They simply can't get a handle on his gift He's a great man, a delighting man With a glide in his slide A man of tempestuous style and scintillating grace He doesn't speak loud He doesn't have to act proud His actions and words set the girls in a whirl He's a man of monumental personality H