Amy Fisher Tape

Check out this Amy Fisher Tape for a little preview of whats to come. Dont remember who Amy Fisher was? Well, shame on you. Let me educate you. You were probably only born in 1990, you young whipper snapper. Amy Fisher was dubbed the Long Island Lolita, and this is her story. There was this guy named Joey Buttafucco, a charming gent who was unhappily married to his wife Mary Jo in the wonderful little sprawl of Long Island. Due to his unhappiness and the existential ennui of modern man, he decided to do what many unsatisfied and unsavory married men do, and he took on a lover. Theres a bit of wrinkle with his whole affair, though, as he took on Amy Fisher as his lover when she was only 17 years old. They have a word for that and its called statutory rape, and it doesnt exactly earn you much respect in any social setting. Amy was somehow truly dedicated to the jaunty Joey, however, as she eventually ended up shooting and wounding Mary Jo with a pistol in a fit of envy. Statutory and shootings dont go well to