AMS & Modified Mag 2009 Castrol Top Car Challenge

Posted by AMSperformance on Oct. 16, 2009

This summer our AMS president Martin Musial was chosen by Modified Magazine to compete in the Castrol Top Car Challenge with his personal EVO VIII street car. The event was designed around finding the ultimate all around street/track car. Some of the cars that competed were a Twin Turbo 350Z, Cobra Mustang, Audi S4, K20 swapped Civic and AMS sponsored Ryan Gates and his EVO XTo start with, the cars had to be driven over 2 hours from LA to Buttonwillow Raceway during rush hour!! On top of this the event was also based around the following criteria:• Vehicle cost• Emissions• Horsepower• 80-0 braking• 0-60 acceleration• Quarter mile time and speed• Time AttackWith the scoring heavily weighted on the Time Attack portion we knew Ryan Gates EVO X and the Twin Turbo Z were going to be our biggest competition. Martin was going to have to rely on brute AMS power to compete with these dedicated Time Attackers and hope to out-gun them at the drag strip and dyno.The results of the competition will ...

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