American Pickers on History - 5 Acres of Junk March 15th Promo

Posted by TheHistoryChanne on Mar. 09, 2010

Airs March 15th at 9/8c on HISTORY! Leaving Iowa in the dead of winter, Mike and Frank head south to New Orleans. There they stumble upon a quirky antique dealer with a sprawling collection. But after digging through his treasure-filled outbuilding, they begin to wonder if hes ready to make a deal. The guys meet a unique relic hunter whose collection includes dinosaur fossils, and then visit his quirky neighbor--a compulsive collector whos rarely in the mood to sell. But when Mike spots a pair of rare visible gas pumps, the Picking game is on. With over 2,000 motorbikes and piles of twisted metal, Vics automotive graveyard is a pickers paradise. And, Danielle finds a local buyer who might make the day a total success. Visit the official fan page and follow HISTORY on Twitter

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