Posted by Timmah2406 on Aug. 25, 2009

Pecan Sandies create their very own first song called America. Left is Sonny Buckley, Middle Tim Mattonen(Tum Tum), and right is Kevin Carter. Please enjoy the video and check out my other songs- Irrelevant, Snakebit of Love, I Wonder, and Dirty Little Boy....Thanks! Lyrics. Its a rainy day, so the boys and girls are sure to pout Sit and reminisice, watching the spiders go down the sprout Push push on the swing set, thats were you and I first met I would go with you, to Madascar on a canoe. Cuz your my Boo, Because I need you And your my Boo, Believe that this is true Girl your my Boo, Beat me at a game of clue Oh Sonny could you hesitate Please let the music wait My nipples are masterbaiting Cuz they are lactating You have the voice of a Angel Put my nips in a tangle Feel them down my chest beard things are getting weird I am getting horny The sun comes back out today, So the boys and the girls are going to play I still sit and I reminisice, As I watch the ugly duckling swim away Spin spin on the merr

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