Amazon's Kindle Wireless Reading Device On

Posted by tekietv on Nov. 11, 2008

Hey everyone, I'm Marc Gittleman for TekiTV.Com, where we've been taking the latest gadgets for a spin to tell you if they're worth owning. Almost all forms of media have gone digital, so why not books? Amazon's new Kindle Wireless Reading Device makes the idea of reading digital books go from strange to sexy. The sharp, high contrast display screen creates an electronic paper effect that will make your eyes believe you are reading real paper. The kindle is simple to use, and you can connect to the Kindle Store from wherever you are to download the latest digital page turner. Over 125,000 books are already available for download, most for under 10 dollars, cheaper than in the bookstore. The Kindle also offers free chapter samples from books so you can decide if they're actually worth downloading, and your favorite newspapers and magazines can be autodelivered to you wirelessly. The light and thin Kindle can hold over 200 books at a time, and has very decent battery life... you will only have to ...

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