Amazing Ping Pong Trick shots!

Posted by Nick-Caldarelli-884 on Jul. 01, 2012

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Our first trickshot video please like and subscribe way more coming soon! [episode 1] Ping Pong,Basketball,Football,Frisbee Trickshots!!!!! Nick Caldarelli 2G00DforY0U - Nick Caldarelli, Hey Guys! I WILL BE POSTING MAINLY TRICKSHOT VIDEOS NOW! THE VIDEOS I HAVE UP RIGHT NOW WILL BE STAYING ON BUT I WILL NOT BE POSTING ANY MORE RANDOM VIDEOS I WILL BE POSTING TRICKSHOT VIDEOS ONLY!!!! NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK!!! SUBSCRIBE AS WE SPEAK!!!! [[Will Make Anouther PingPong Trickshot video when i get over 250 views]] NO SURPRISE, musical composition administered by daughtry

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