Maybe you already have some ingredients can make some cool cocktails, but you just don't know. Like...Screwdriver, Bloody Mary, Green Garden, Moscow Mule, Absolut New Orleans, Poor Man's Vodka Martini, sex with an alligator, adios motherfucker, extra dry martini, hangman's blood... And do you know that you just need Egg,Flour,Sugar,Vanilla,Cream of Tartar,Lemon Juice,Milk,Salt,Vegetable oil,Baking Powder. Then you could make Egg noodles, Sunshine Cake, Breakfast Waffles, Favorite Waffles, Plain Egg Nog, Milk Punch, Favorite Waffles, Sunshine Cake... Oh my God! You have these ingredients but you never known these recipes???!!! Don't worry! is a website to give auto-generated suggestions about "How can you use the things you have". That's really cool! Go to and see the power of web2.0.