Am I the ONLY one without an iPhone?

Posted by chadneidt on Feb. 04, 2010

Lyrics biznitties:Walkin down the street, seein lots of peoplegetting where they need to goNo one looks at me they are all distractedWith whats in their hands belowI have never felt so insignificant and utterly aloneBecause it seems to me Im the only one withThe only one without an iphoneI dont have one but I want one in my lifeIts the new version of a swiss aremy knifeMinus the knifeIts like I dont exist whenever I am withSomeone who has an iphoneAll they do is touch touchy touchy touch touchHey, hi, yea, Im up here?No one seems to care that they are so addictedTo their little black rectanglesI think its really sick, despicable and shameful butI wanna be sick, despicable and shameful tooI doSo this must be how kids in Africa feelEvery time they see someone eating a burgerAnd they say its all relative then ImStarving for technologyI just cant afford those monthly feesAnd in this economy I dontNeed another money trapBut it sure would be nice to not beBored every t

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