Almost Live – Episode 6 – Tomahawk At Last Frontier Heli Skiing

Posted by TetonGravityResearch on Apr. 22, 2009

Behind the scenes from the filming of TGRs new film, in the making,Re: Session. Deep in the wilderness of northern British Columbia liesthe Bell 2 lodge, home base for Last Frontier Heli-Skiing. TGRAthletes Dana Flahr, Tanner Hall, Kye Petersen, and Seth Morrisonteamed up with cinematographers Corey Gavitt and Todd Jones to lockdown some A shots for the upcoming 2009 release, Re: Session. Whilehitting a natural wind lip feature, both Tanner and Dana took reallyhard falls and violently tomahawked down an open face. Tanner pulledhimself together, jumped back into the heli and managed to land acouple incredible shots, despite the beating he took only momentsbefore. For more episodes of "Almost Live" check out tetongravity.comAthletes: Tanner Hall; Dana Flahr; Kye Petersen; Seth Morrison

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