Allen Iverson Rant

Recently a cop pulled over Allen Iverson driving a grey Lamborghini for not using his blinker. Allen Iverson asked the cop, “Do you know who the f—k I am?” Then followed that up by then explaining who the f---k he was for 20 minutes. Classic speech and debate. The cop then told Iverson and his friend to get out of their car. Iverson told the cop to keep the Grey Lamborghini because he had,”10 more.” That’s right, 9 more than would ever be necessary for any normal person. But all was not lost, as Iverson later went back to the police station and apologized to the cops for being disrespectful. Iverson said he was, “upset about his car.” That’s right people, Allen Iverson is so famous that he thinks that his car has real feelings. Allen Iverson thinks he’s the Knight Rider.