All saints season 10 episode 40 part 1

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Jan. 30, 2010

all saints season 10 episode 40 part 1 Episode 415 - Thin Ice An afternoon at the ice hockey turns ugly for Jack, Erica, Gabrielle and Heath when a fight breaks out between a player and a spectator with devastating consequences for those around them. Swinging into action, they help to get all of the casualties to the hospital, including one of the players, Stuey Cameron, whose throat has been slashed in the melee. However, it is only once they're in the ED that they come to realise the tensions driving the fight run much deeper than a hockey match. While administering another round of chemo to Ann-Maree, Von tries her best to convince the frightened woman that she needs to be honest about her condition for both her sake and Bart's. But is Bart already close to the truth and will he know how to handle the situation once it can no longer be ignored? Charlotte and Dan are confronted with a medical mystery as a woman is brought in suffering from a bout of uncontrollable coughing of blood. However, when her condi

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