Alien Secx Rehab The Last Transmisson Official Video

Posted by Sean-Lepaul-Jackson-161 on Jul. 17, 2012

Track 1ne- The Last Transmission Year 3001- The Fall of the Last Free Empire and the Rise of pHaramtron. The Vile pHred pHarmaceutical and his Death Dealers set his sights on the Earth Prime. The Final Conquest of the 4th Dimension. Once a beautiful Utopia. Now barren wasteland. Under pHaramatron, most of its inhabitants are either dead, assimilated or converted to the Cure. Giving up the flesh to give into the flesh. One freedom for another. A futile final attempt from the united army has failed the liberation of Princess Aurora the Beat Conductor of Light. Before the death dealers have annihilated the resistance. Help from a young captain, the princess sings her last song of hope and strength. Conducting The Last Transmission, A faint signal sent through out the Cisum Nebula to stop running and Fight Back! Both the fates of the soldier and the princess are unknown... Excerpt from Songs from the 4th Dimension

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