Alexander Technique

Posted by TrishaLynWORLD on Aug. 27, 2009

The Alexander Technique is a psycho physical education technique that provides a clear, systematic approach to the underlying principles which govern all human movement. Lessons in the Alexander Technique relieve tension, rigidity, strain, and fatigue throughout the body. These disorders are replaced by grace, poise, confidence, and energy. Professional athletes like John McEnroe have used this 110-year old technique to improve their game. In a lesson, you learn tools to realign the body (and mind) in order to release unnecessary tension and improve freedom of movement. In the process, youll relieve compression in your spine, counter gravity, and find yourself higher with a sense of expansion, lightness, and energy. Lessons provide an education into the mechanics of the body, your movement patterns (ones somatic experience of themselves) in your everyday life. Alexander Technique deals with kinesthetic perception, the sensations of position and movement, of heaviness and lightness, of tension and release, of

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