Aleksandr Orlovs new art-vertisement

Posted by klbfrank on Feb. 12, 2010

Last week I send Sergei for 3 day expedition to attic for retrieving of favourite rocking horse. After many day he return empty-clawed, but he did manage for find genuine ‘Meercasso’ painting of my ancestor.I like so much I hang above fire-place, but it is shame that only Sergei and I get to see such handsomeness. Then I have brainwave; why make arty telebox commercial? So,I decide to use oil painting in latest advertisement, in hope that such handsome painting will help small-brained peoples realise the troubles that my ancestor go through, and remember that compare meerkat and compare market are very different thing!Happy art viewings,Aleksandr

Categories Pop Culture

Tags family, picture, russia, zoo, insurance, market, meerkat, compare, simples, sergei, aleksandr, artvertising

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