Al Gore- Time Lapse Drawing/Painting

This video is a time lapse drawing/painting of former Vice President Al Gore. I will attempt to make "Mr. Global Warming" look like a "hottie". Stage 1 is a pencil drawing. In Stage 2 I scan the drawing adjust the mid tones digitally and then reprint it. Stage 3 I do an underpainting with markers (both paint and illustration markers) Stage 4- I build up layers of opaque and quick drying acrylic paint. In stage 5, I do the detail work (such as drawing hair and the subtleties of the eyes) I use a colored pencil and paint markers again. This video will show the viewer contemporary painting techniques. I was trained as an oil painter, but oil painting takes a long time to dry.....and who has time in the twenty first century? This is the third in a series of videos on portraiture. The portraiture in non traditionall in this one, but the final product is close to what could be accomplished with oil paint. At the very end of the video Al Gore is animated....saying his favorite two words (or least favorite) "global w