Akustische Gitarrenmusik Roy Martinez, ellis Gitarre

http://ellisguitars.com http://www.davemanncollective.com/ Akustische Gitarremusik Roy Martinez, ellis Gitarre Roy Martinez studied classical piano from the age of five to 12 years Played in the cover band scene for 20 years Travelled extensively recording as a session musician Played on sessions with members of Toto, Cameo, and Bryan Ferry 12 years ago, he lived in the USA, recording in Nashville Played on last couple of albums by Hank Marvin, The Shadows Performed and written scores for short films and documentaries for the ABC and SBS 2006 performances include Natalie Gillespie - and Roy co-produced the CD, with accomplished producer Jeremy Allan (Massive Attack, Elton Joyn, Pretenders and Incognito) Played with a couple of indigenous bands, "Yowarlingy" and Alice Hayne.