African American Hairstyles - Tyra Banks Natural Hair Ideas

Posted by scissorboy on Sep. 09, 2009

For a MORE African American Hairstyles, natural African American Hair and ideas on how to get Tyra Banks Natural hair as she revealed last night on the Tyra Banks Show, SUBSCRIBE to the whole FREE series HERE: Banks has done it: She has donned the wigs and finally revealed her natural hair on the Tyra Banks show on September 8, 2009. To commensurate this great moment for natural African American hair, Scissorboy brings you a very special episode featuring more ideas for getting natural African American Hairstyles with Ms. Keeli Harris from Kandills Salon and Spa in Oakland, CA.Keeli calls this hairstyle a clipper over comb short cut which leaves the option of leaving her natural African American hair, very much like Tyra did by revealing the Tyra Banks Natural Hair look to kick off the new season of her talk show last night to the world.I think you will agree that Keeli does a tremendous job in keeping her clients natural hair flattering yet allowing them to ...

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