African American Hair: Mohawk Hairstyle, Foxy Rihanna Mohawk

Posted by scissorboy on Aug. 06, 2009 a MORE African American Hair, African American Hairstyles and Rihanna like Mohawk Hairstyles, how to style African American Hair, Hairstyles, SUBSCRIBE to the whole FREE series HERE: video shows you how to style an african american mohawk similar to Rihannas new Mohawk Hairstyle. if you think that Rihannas Mohawk is a bit odd, check out the Foxy Firehawk African American hairstyle prepared by Madrid of Madrids International Salon: people are praising singer Rihanna for her new, brave african american hairstyle - a mohawk - while some think shes looks ridiculous.Rihanna, who is more a fashion icon than a respected musician, has changed her hair once again, this time shaving nearly all of it off to create a mohawk.Rihanna was spotted out and about in New York City the other day when a photog snapped a picture of her with her new hair - and we want to know what you ...

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