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Jack’s girl reviews a couples sex toy; the Sportsheet’s Sex Sling. The Sex Sling is used by couples as a sex swing or sex harness to support their favorite lovemaking position for a longer time period; specifically the missionary. This love swing best works especially for people who only maintain walking as an exercise and don’t really engage in more vigorous activities such as jogging, biking, mountain trekking, etc. This particular sex sling model has the cheetah-printed padded neck and ankle straps. This best sex swing is a great addition to your sexual repertoire! The cuffs fit snugly with the Velcro closures and the straps allow you to spread your legs wide and relax. This sex harness can get a woman’s legs up and open and in the perfect position with the easy adjustment of the straps. The Sex Sling will make easy comfortable access for men and a quick strong orgasm for women! This sex harness could keep a woman’s legs up with ease and with no effort -- which works out best for couples!! It appears to