Affiliate Marketing Bought Me a Vita-Mix 5200...this thing is AW - Vita-Mix 5200 - I stumbled across the Vita-Mix 5200 when my aunt came to live down in Arizona winter of 2008. She lived with us for a few days until they found a home to rent and of course BROUGHT HER Vita-Mix with her. She used it everyday at our house and made us yummy smoothies and dips ... I was hooked.I started doing research about Raw Food Living in January of 09 and was hard pressed to exchange my old Magic Bullet for a Vita-Mix 5200. The problem?They cost $400 - and thats for a REFURBISHED one.Luckily I knew I had a plan. I had to come up with some "extra" spending money as my DH and I had already planned on using some "fun money" we got for another luxury.So I put my Affiliate Marketing skills to the test. I had already been making a couple of hundred dollars a month in Affiliate Marketing, but I really wanted to bump that up and diversify my income.So I made it my mission. I needed $420 (includes taxes) to get my Vita-Mix 5200.And I hit my goal!In ju