AEM DRY FLOW Intake Filter -how they work

Posted by RiceboyTV08 on Jul. 17, 2008

A revolutionary lifetime air filter media that delivers industry-leading filtration by using a non-woven polyester-based media that does not need filter oil to trap dirt and particulates. DRYFLOW is easier to clean, more durable, will not degrade with servicing and has a higher filtration efficiency than all of the cotton-gauze filters we tested. *Element is cleanable and is guaranteed for the life of your vehicle. *DRYFLOW air filter will NOT void your vehicle's warranty. *Delivers up to 99.52% filtration efficiency, based on independent SAE J276 JUN93 FINE DUST Air Cleaner Test Code procedures. ****Check us out @ for all our other videos, all shot in full HD. Feature Cars, Tech Installs, Event Coverage, New Product & New Car reviews, NSFW... and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!****

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