(ADULT / OFFENSIVE) Best of the worst of Hookamonky Comedy

Posted by HOOKAMONKY on Feb. 16, 2012

People always ask me where my funny videos are. When I say that I deleted them, they ask why. So to avoid having THAT conversation again, heres some of the best of the worst of my comedy vids. I hope you enjoy watching me make an ass out of myself all over the internet! lol To my old faithful YouTube budz and subs. I went through a phase where I would upload a video and then delete it a day or two later. I hope you find a video or two on here that you havent seen yet! WARNING! To my new YouTube budz and subs that have never seen ANY of these videos.... You WILL lose IQ points if you watch the whole thing! lol Thank you ALL for your constant support! Keep an eye out for the BONUS VIDEO link. (somewhere in this video)

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