Posted by DavidBMueller on Sep. 07, 2010

When Nazi's were unlawfully denied the right to march in Skokie, Illinois the ACLU-Illinois helped them. When AntiNazi David B. Mueller is unlawfully subjected to Nazi-like persecution by the Columbia Police Department, Mueller, a card carrying member of the ACLU, is denied help. David B. Mueller has experienced extreme abuse by police acting unlawfully and has contacted the Chicago ACLU office numerous times but they refuse to help. Why? David B. Mueller utilizes legally obtained dextromethorphan, a psychedelic drug, as a medicine and as a sacrament. Columbia Police unlawfully try to stop Mueller. They slander him and tell store clerks not to sell it to him. They instigated store managers to unlawfully ban Mueller from the Dollar General Store and Walgreens. They repeatedly engage in malicious prosecution and arrest Mueller on preposterous charges. Maybe Mueller needs to devote more energy to making his emerging LSD Party and LSD Church into very real and vibrant organizations and then the LSD Civil Libertie

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