Accident Death

At least eight people were killed and four others injured after a car hit Xenia B 2479 Black Avriyani Susanti driven XI (29) along with three other passengers. The accident occurred in front of the Tax Office, next to the Ministry of Trade, Jl Ridwan Rais, Central Jakarta, Sunday (22 / 1), around 11:00 pm. According to eyewitnesses, Andi, some victims were walking on the sidewalk on the field after playing futsal National Monument and some were sitting at the stop Tugu Tani. Suddenly Xenia speeding car and crashed into the road again we are out playing futsal at Monas. Mothers same woman again sitting at the bus stop is also hit, he said. The victims were lying on the roadside after being hit by a bouncing Xenia speeding from the direction towards the Monument Farmers Gambier. Condition of the car driven Avriyani, residents of Tanjung Priok is also wrecked. Victims of mentally pack, so jump straight into the street, said Syaifudin, other witnesses. In addition to hitting the victims, Xenia car also had