ABDOMINATION - Exercise: SUPERFLYE - Fitness Video Series

Posted by JohnnyHollywood1 on Mar. 07, 2010

Los Angeles, CA Actor / Personal TrainerWritten, produced and edited by: Jeremy HovanVideo: Stratton GlazeSCRIPT PROTECTED BY: WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA, WESTTRANSCRIPT FOR THE HEARING IMPAIRED---------------------------------------- ----------------------Welcome ABDOMINATORS to super hero training academy.First on the list, Superflyes.Take out your notebooks and lets begin.They arent your average dumbbell flye and they arent for your average personDont be average.Be super.Head in the direction of being able to see your Man V, aka Longhorn, aka Funnel of Love again with this handy exercise you can perform with your friendly, neighborhood Nautilus-brand freedom trainer.Rotate the machines arms so that they are shoulder width and then raise them as high as needed so as to have just a few inches of room between the handles and the floor when the cables are fully extended.Slowly pull the cables downward towards the floor until they are fully extended and lower yourself into plank (aka sup

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