Aao Manaye Jashna Mohabbat - Song - Doosara Aadmi

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RELEASE DATE: 14 OCTOBER 1977 GENRE: ROMANCE / DRAMA RUN TIME: 136 MINS STARRING: RISHI KAPOOR, NEETU SINGH & RAKHEE SPECIAL APPEARANCE: SHASHI KAPOOR LYRICS BY: MAJROOH SULTANPURI MUSIC BY: RAJESH ROSHAN PRODUCED BY: YASH CHOPRA DIRECTED BY: RAMESH TALWAR SYNOPSIS: Kanu (Rishi Kapoor) and Timsi (Neetu Singh) are two young people barely out of college who decide to set up home and get married much against the wishes of their parents who are only too familiar with the fate of young marriages. Kanu decides to come out of the shadow of his illustrious father and set up an advertising agency. All is going well at home and at work for the newly weds until Kanu decides to hire the services of an ace designer Nisha (Rakhee). Nisha is the mysterious older woman with a past and Kanu is a constant reminder of her lost love. Kanu, Timsi and Nisha find themselves entangled in an emotional saga, the struggle of Nisha’s past. Kanu and Timsi’s present and now an uncertain future. Doosara Aadmi is a film about intense

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