A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Posted by hartistry on Oct. 28, 2009

A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings by Gabriel Garcia MarquezThe curious came from far away. A traveling carnival arrived with a flying acrobat who buzzed over the crowd several times, but no one paid any attention to him because his wings were not those of an angel but, rather, those of a sidereal bat. The most unfortunate invalids on earth came in search of health- a poor woman who since childhood has been counting her heartbeats and had run out of numbers; a Portuguese man who couldnt sleep because the noise of the stars disturbed him; a sleepwalker who got up at night to undo the things he had done while awake; and many others with less serious ailments. In the midst of that shipwreck disorder that made the earth tremble, Pelayo and Elisenda were happy with fatigue, for in less than a week they had crammed their rooms with money and the line of pilgrims waiting their turn to enter still reached beyond the horizon. The angel was the only one who took no part in his own act. He spent his time trying to get c

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