A Short Film - TOYS UNPLAYED - where we gonna be, we already a

Posted by Cubrick2001 on Oct. 13, 2011

A short film about letting life passing beside us... the sun unrisen, the bud unblossomed... Life is a dream of Eternity, and we have to live that dream. Poor is not the one that has no penny, but he who has no dreams. As a wannabe director I compiled this sceenes and shots hoping to make an understadable story... however in the end it does not seem I have managed in this. In my defence I filmed with faulty chinese camera, a broken tripod, cracked video editing software that crashes down every now and then, and my pitifull acting. --) Best regards to my friends and subscribers. Angelino

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Tags drama, short film, enjoying life, toys film, passion for life

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