Posted by sabipictures on Sep. 14, 2009

http://sabipictures.comA SHORT FILM ABOUT LETTING GO – This cinematic vignette explores various shades of letting go through the human interactions of four unique individuals and how this difficult act opens a path toward growth, love and forgiveness. A FILM BY SABI – ‘Letting Go’ is the result of an interdependent film collaboration among several artists that worked together in a safe atmosphere where creative exploration was encouraged at every level of the filmmaking process. Through dramatic improvisation, the cast were empowered to find their voice and use their own words wherever possible under the collaborative guidance of the director. The result is mostly unscripted and in-the-moment – and reveals a more honest experience for the characters and filmmakers behind them. ‘Letting Go’ is an artistic labor of love and took deep sacrifices and personal investment. Our attribute of “a film by SABI” honors this journey taken by the filmmakers and actors to achieve what no individual could have ...

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