A Sh*t Ton of Funny Political Impressions

Posted by Siegelcomedy on Oct. 02, 2009

David Siegel presents a smorgasbord of off-the-cuff political impressions both new and old, well known and obscure, committed and hacky, sweet and sour.Impressions include (in order): Bobby Jindal (doubles as Jack McBrayer), John Boehner, Al Franken, Charlie Rangel, Harry Reid, Bill Nelson, John McCain, Timothy Geithner, Rush Limbaugh, Joe Lieberman, Arlen Specter, Rahm Emanuel, Barney Frank, Ron Paul, Jeff Sessions, Lindsay Graham, Mitch McConnell, Judd Gregg, Mitt Romney, Robert Byrd, Richard Nixon, JFK, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and Senator Edward M. Kennedy (RIP). See more at: http://siegel.tumblr.com

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