A Prayer Chain: My Aunt Celeste

Posted by cHriZK3LLy on Aug. 03, 2009

After celebrating her daughters and own birthdays in Myrtle Beach, SC.. she suddenly became ill on the way home. Thinking it was just a plain flu bug, it became worse.. They admitted her to the local hospital thinking it was much more than just the common flu. It has been 7 days todays since shes came down with this, and the Doctors have yet to figure out what the cause is. Theyve called in the specialists in all fields of diseases.. done every test/exam you can think of.. Brain scans/ Spinal Taps/ Blood Work/ Cat Scans/Xrays and these still have yet to pin-point what she has. The only thing seen are are the traumatic effects of high fever of 105, chills, stress on her heart and lungs... Theyve ruled out everything from MONO to cancer, to leukemia to swin flu. And yet they cant find the cause of this illness... Right now she has the entire hospital baffled, as feels like a real life case with Dr.Hugh Laurie from the TV SHOW HOUSE... This video is made purely for prayer.. to show her beautiful life and h

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