a mysterious female girl transmit 220 volts, lit the lamp

Posted by xoyo on Jul. 16, 2008

a mysterious female girl transmit 220 volts, lit the lamp. Under normal circumstances, more than 36 volts security voltage, direct human contact, there will be dangerous. But the British never Kangzhi streets Korea Hau Tsuen Mrs Yuezhen of women with attitude, she not only is not afraid of electricity, can transmit 220 volts, and even light bulbs. She can - Losers 220 volts. The presence of reporters, the husband of Mrs Yuezhen Zhou Yong-out voltage meter and equipped with a light bulb, the middle The wires were cut, and then-power. 54-year-old Mrs Yuezhen to hold a wire, when she attached the other hand Niezhu The other end of the lamp wires, the light bulb was bright. In the Dujiatai, for generations not to have this kind of "Qiren," peer The four siblings, only her brother, Du Yue with the law "is not afraid of electricity." Mrs Yuezhen is the son of Zhou Junfei electrician, 12 When they know that three-year-old mother is not afraid of electricity, but he and his sister were not genetic. The v

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