A HAPPY MEDIUM - an American soldier returns home

Posted by sabipictures on Sep. 23, 2008

This is a video that I edited out of public testimony given about the effects of the War on returning veterans to raise awareness about the bridge we are trying to build with our mission: A Happy Medium. Please share with with returning Veterans you may know and encourage them to share some feedback with us. http://www.sabipictures.com/ahappymedium Ultimately, A Happy Medium is more than a collection of documentary and narrative films, it is series of experiments designed to connect Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan war with each other and help them with resources and needs upon their return. There will be over a million returning veterans from these wars. A Happy Medium is a mission for the social good - that ultimately needs your participation. As it continues to develop, “A Happy Medium” has an immediate goal of bringing Veterans of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan together, and this video was made to get Veterans interested in collaborating and most importantly, communicating with ...

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