A Day in the Life of Brian Wenning

Posted by HeavyHittasNYC on Oct. 07, 2010

BW does his daily routine in his hometown of Sea Bright, New Jersey along with long time friend Tim OConnor. Takes you to the spots he grew up skating, skates at the local park and there is even some unseen street footage thrown in at the end. enjoy! Scenes in order- 1- Home 2- LB Skatepark 3- NASA 4- White Curbs 5- Beach Club 6- S.K.A.T.E. Advice 7- Stop Snitchin 8- Golf Cart Clowns 9- Manatee Story 10-Skate Night 11-Street Section 12-Outro (GO-GO Bar) 13-Credits Directed by Jon Edwards - Filmed by Jon Edwards & Hunter Baker - Edited by Jon Edwards. Also was featured on the Plan B skateboards website, available as a Podcast. [Original Date Uploaded - January 9, 2008 - 32,200 Views] Día en la vida de una leyenda Visit- http-//www.heavyhittas.com to see his profile, interviews and more!

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