A day in the life of a Business Management student with Christop

Posted by stevechris1144 on Dec. 10, 2008

Chris McCormick is your average third year management student. He claims to have gained popularity since being at Uni, insisting he has "more than 1,500 friends on facebook", although refused to comment when asked if he knew who they all were. Being at Uni, Chris says, has also made him take fitness a lot more seriously, claiming also to workout up to "30 times a day". Scraping a 2:2, Chris feels that his degree is second to his busy social life, and not only claims to have "slept with over 250 girls", but tells us that he was also subject to an investigation by the University for a recent drug and sex marathon involving 10 cheerleaders (we contacted the Uni, who tell us this is not true). The interview was held at Chris' house, or "lovepad" as he asks for it to be named.

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