Posted by platodaastronaut on Nov. 30, 2011

LIKE THE SONG? ??DOWNLOAD IT FREE!?? http-//www.facebook.com/Platodaastronaut I have this A.D.D flow, If life is a game I'm M.V.P bro I'm Playing these hoes just like casinos My style hits you hard like capechino But for real tho, I'm a young legend in the making Taking the crown and the throne as my own Plato the Tyrant Yeah I let it known, that I slaughter sucka Mc's on the microphone The kid don't spit fire, He spews an inferno light the Hip-Hop crack pipe, make my journal burn slow We live for the moment, Scream Fuck tomorrow My flow too hard for these bitches to swallow! I'm a self made renegade, Never been afraid to say whats on my mind any given time of the day, they can try to imitate but never can they duplicate my style, You know I go wild, Oh you don't think so? These niggas in denial They call me Plato but I don't play hoe, Even tho lyrically I get a bit playfulI I dream astronomical, nothing is impossible, I must of lost my logic when I hit the fucking chronic bro. Get Get on my level, Wicked l

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