A Conversation with Sylvia Stanard - Office of Special Affairs P

Posted by anonsparrow2 on Jul. 25, 2009

Recorded on 2/4/09 - Wash DC .................................... I walked by the org. to give backup to another Anonymous doing a flash raid when I happened upon Syliva Stanard. I gave her a friendly hello and made eye contact but kept walking. She called out my name and motioned me to come back which I did. She asked me if I wanted to have a real conversation and I said yes but that I would be taping it and putting it on the Internet. I dont think she fully comprehended that at the time because in Part 2 you will hear her ask me if Im taping this and if the thing in my hand (FlipMino Camcorder) takes video. I showed her that it does and we kept going. Nothing visually exciting about this video but the audio is quite nice. ......

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