99 Cent Energy Drink Round-Up

Posted by Hipster-Rudy-129 on Jan. 24, 2013

Get your Buzz on a Budget! We review a selection of energy drinks available for 99 cents! We rate and give the Caffeine content of each drink! Feel SO Energetic! All stats complements of www.energyfiend.com Hansens Energy Pro - 57 mg caffeine AZ Low Carb Arizona Energy Drink - 200 mg Ol Glory Energy Drink - 100 mg Cintron Energy Drink - 170 mg Jamba All Natural Energy Drink - 80 mg Rip-It Energy Drink - 200 mg Exlusive Energy Drink - 150 mg Slap Lemon Ice Energy Drink - 220 mg Klout- http-//klout.com/#/RudyEats Twitter- https-//twitter.com/#!/RudyEats Facebook- http-//www.facebook.com/RudyEats American and International Junk Food connoisseur. I destroy my body for your pleasure and informational value. Intro Music Credit- http-//rocker206.newgrounds.com/

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