9/11 Prediction in 1948 Cartoon?

Posted by Serhiy-Tereshchenko-97 on Nov. 09, 2012

Info from the BigCartoonDatabase (www.bcdb.com)- Often An Orphan Looney Tunes Theatrical Cartoon Series Warner Bros. Cartoons, Inc. Cartoon Characters- Porky Pig, Charlie Dog. Directed By Chuck Jones. Originally Released on August 13, 1949 (produced in 1948) Originally Released Theatrically. Running Time- 7 minutes. COLOR To avoid any more stupid comments - a few points in advance- 1. The cartoon was made in 1948 and is directed by Chuck Jones. 2. In the 1920ies to 1950ies cartoons like this where shown in theatres either before the main movie or in between the two parts of a double feature. 3. Yes, there wasn´t much color-tv around in the fourties, but was has this fact to do with the cartoon? 4. I don´t think myself that this is a prediction of coming events (just check the question-mark in the title of the video), but just a funny coincidence. 5. They are two ideas where the line originated from. One is a bible quote (check the comments for more info) and another one (which seems more plausible) is tha

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